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1182 He was born in Assisi. His parents were Pietro di Bernardone and Giovanna Pica
1190 He learns Latin and counting while going to school to the Canons
1194 Chiara from Favarone was born. His parents were Offreduccio and Ortolana
1198 Lucio III dies. Innocenzo III is the Pope 1199 Assisi and Perugia are in war
1202 Francis is a young soldier and he is taken prisoner by the people of Perugia
1204 Francis is set free because he is ill
1205 Once he has recovered he leaves to go to Apulia as a soldier, but when he arrives at Spoleto he changes his idea
1206 In St. Damian's Church the Crucifix orders him to repair this church
1208 While he is in the "Porziuncola" he feels his calling for itinerant apostle
1209 He goes to Innocenzo III together with his first twelve companions
1210 The "Majores" and "Minores" sign the social treaty in Assisi
1212 Francis consecrates St. Claire as a nun of seclusion
1213 Orlando from Chiusi gives the use of Verna to Francis
1215 IV Lateran Council. Francis agrees with its reforms
1216 Innocenzo III dies. Onorio III is the new Pope and he gives allowance to the Porziuncola to Francis. An inscription in Santa Maria Maggiore tells about Brother Francis
1217 At the Chapter the Order is divided into 12 provinces
1219 Francis is in Egypt. He meets Melek-El-Kamel, the Sultan
1220 Francis founds the novitiate, by order of Onorio III
1221 When Pietro Cattani dies Francis wants Brother Elia as the Vicar
1223 Onorio III confirms the Confraternity of Francis in a Papal Bull. At Christmas they have a Mess and a crib in Greccio
1224 Francis sends some friars to England. He gets the stigmata
1225 Francis is ill. He is treated in Rieti and Siena. He writes the verses and melody of the "Song of Creatures" in Assisi
1226 Francis dies in the Porziuncola. he is buried in Assisi
1227 Onorio III dies. Gregoy IX is the new Pope
1228 In April Greggory IX orders to build the Church to preserve Francis' body. On 16 July he declares Francis as a Saint
1229 Tommaso from Celano shows The "Vita prima" to Gregory IX
1230 St. Francis' body is taken to the new Basilica
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