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The Subasio Mount, which overlooks Assisi, one of the most beautiful towns in Umbria, has its characteristic whale shape. It divides the large Umbrian valley from the one of the Topino river. In Umbria Subasio Mount has become the symbol of the environmental conflict. A great group of the public opinion protects it both from hunting and any possible tourists settlements. People want to keep it as a sacred place, just like St. Francis made it. Thanks to this Subasio Mount became a natural park. It is the destination of those people who want to know the places where St. Francis lived. Furthermore, this natual area is good for tours on foot, by mountain-bike and on horse. The most important geomorphological feature is the presence of karstic phenomena which characterize the plain area with the formation of depressions (dolina) called "Mortari" or "Fosse" and of flat areas. Then thanks to the considerable flora and fauna Subasio Mount is even more pleasant to those ones who decide to visit it. The path to go to the mount by wheelchair is accessible from the road which dominates the Eremo delle Carceri at the Bolsella (2.5 km.). There are slopes which may change from 2 to 12%.
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