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Route 1 (M.550)
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mappa dell'itinerario 1 (distanza mt 550)

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Description location:
Parking area of Piazza Matteotti
Via Del Turrione
Piazza San Rufino
Via Dono Doni
Via San Gabriele dell’Addolorada
Piazza del Comune

Monuments and Museums worth to visit:
Cattedrale di San Rufino (Piazza San Rufino)
Museo Diocesano e Cripta di San Rufino (Piazza San Rufino)
Tempio di Minerva (Piazza del Comune)
Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo (Piazza del Comune)
Torre del Popolo (Piazza del Comune)
Palazzo dei Priori (Piazza del Comune)

Via del Turrione

The ROUTE n 1 starts from Piazza Matteotti, where you can leave your car. The square is very large and equipped for car parking and bus terminal.
Originally it was a sit of a Necropolis in the 1st century b.C.
The parking area is arranged on 2 floors, served by a lift. There are 4 reserved parking places for people with disabilities. There are 2 toilets for people with disabilities, they are located on the first floor (for getting the keys ask the ticket office on the ground floor)
From Piazza Matteotti, go to Via del Turrione, this street is good paved and has only small slopes. Reach the “Arch of the Wind” ( so called because of the wind which forces people passing here to cling - hold - to the banister on the wall), in the vicinity there is the beautiful Cattedrale di San Rufino. Walk for about 50/60 meters in a street with a 16/17% slope ( an help is suggested).

Piazza San Rufino

To avoid this difficulty, you can walk through via Bovi (on the right at the beginning of Via del Turrione) then Via Montecavallo and Via Perlici, where are less slopes (13-14%) These streets have a stone and brick uneven pavement.
In the square where is the Cathedral of San Rufino - Piazza San Rufino - paved with stones, with 4-5% slopes - you can see the wonderful roman facade of the church (1140) and near it, the Museo Diocesano, which preserves important works bt Puccio Capanna and Niccolò Alunno.
Now carry on Piazza del Comune, we suggest to take via Dono Doni - which has about 15/16% - instead of Via San Rufino ( wich has higher slopes). Turn down on the right to Via San Gabriele dell’Addolorata, from now on the paving has linear stone and you are allowed to easily reach Piazza del Comune.
In the square there is the old "Farmacia dei Caldari”: The pharmacy entrance has avery inclined ramp you need a help to come in.

Piazza del Comune is the “baricentro” of Assisi: it is located at the cross of the main roads connecting to the main gates of the town.

Piazza del Comune

In the square are the Tempio di Minerva, the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo (. XIII century) wich is not accessible due to a long ramp of steps, the Torre del Popolo, completed in 1305, and the Palazzo dei Priori (XIV century) sit of the city hall. The main entrance has 5 steps. People with disabilities can pass through the “Volta Pinta” with frescoes from 1556. From here you can use a lift and reach the inner spaces of the city hall. On the first floor there is an accessible toilet. The Sala Consiliare can be reached by a stairlift. The sala is decorated with paintings of 1870 that represent views of Assisi castles and important personalities of the time (XVIII and XIX centuries).

In the square “Piazza del Comune” there is also the tourist information office: the entrance has a 4 meters long ramp and a 17/18% slope.

Public toilets are located under the square, a toilet is reserved for people with disabilities: you can get to it by the street Via Arco dei Priori. This street has a 20/30% slope at the beginning and and a11-12 % slope at the end. The slopes and the smooth stone makes the street dangerous to carry on, especially in the first path. We suggest to pass through the street which brings to the Chiesa Nuova ( 10% slope)

Where to sleep
Casa religiosa di ospitalità Suore dell’Atonement
Hotel Umbra

Where to eat
Ristorante Nuova osteria la piazzetta dell’erba
Ristorante Trattoria degli Umbri
Ristorante Pallotta

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