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Route 5 (M. 1100)
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mappa dell'itinerario 5 (distanza mt 1000)

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Description location:
Piazza del Comune
Via Portica
Piazzetta Verdi
Via Fortini
Via San Francesco
Piazza superiore di San Francesco
Piazza inferiore di San Francesco
Via Frate Elia
Piazzetta R. Bonghi
Piaggia san Pietro
Parcheggio Piazza Giovanni Paolo II

Monuments and Museums worth to visit:
Museo Foro Romano (Via Portica)
Teatro Metastasio (Musical Chiara di Dio) (Piazzetta Verdi)
Fonte Oliviera (Via San Francesco)
Monte Frumentario (Via San Francesco)
Oratorio dei Pellegrini (Via San Francesco)
Pinacoteca Comunale Vallemani (Via San Francesco)
Casa dei maestri comacini (Via San Francesco)
Basilica Superiore di San Francesco (Via San Francesco)
Basilica Inferiore di San Francesco (Via San Francesco)
Abbazia di San Pietro (Piazza San Pietro)

Torre del popolo - Tempio di Minerva

From Piazza del Comune, go on to Via Portica, the first 100 meters distance have a 12-13% slope, then the slopes are smaller, till the Basilica Superiore di San Francesco of 3-6%. At the beginning of Via Portica there is the Museo Foro Romano. It is located under the square Piazza del Comune. The paving, the basis of Tempio della Minerva and the platform of the palace of Tribunale are of Roman origins. The main entrance has 3 steps. A secondary entrance is available for people with disabilities, but they need a help because of a wooden ramp which is 4,50 meters long and has a 19% slope (museo Foro Romano).

Via Portica

Another accessible toilet is located inside a pizzeria in via Portica.
Go on till Piazzetta Verdi where is theTeatro Comunale Metastasio, built in 1836. The theatre is usually representing the Musical Chiara di Dio, by Carlo Tedeschi ( - tel. 075 815381). The main entrance has 5 steps, the secondary entrance is accessible to people on wheelchair by a wooden ramp 3 meters long and with a 17% slope. The theatre has also an accessible toilet.

Via Fortini

Go now to Via Fortini, where is the bar la Volta Antica, wich has a step at the entrance and an accessible toilet.

Casa dei maestri Comacini

Down Via Fortini there is the Arco del Seminario, called Portella di Panzo during the middle Age.
From here walk on to Via San Francesco; the paving has been recently restored, so it can be walked easily. Along this street you find the Fonte Oliviera (1570). Near it there is the Monte Frumentario (second half of XIII century) which was originally an hospital and then a point of food stockage of the town. The building is arranged on 3 floors and is used for cultural and social purposes. One of the floors is accessible from Via San Francesco, the 2 other floors are accessible from Via Fontanella.
Reach now the Oratorio dei Pellegrini, a small chapel (3 steps at the entrance) built in 1457.
Here it is also possible to visit the Pinacoteca Vallemani (a step at the entrance).
About 30 meters from the Pinacoteca, at n° 14, there is the Loggia dei Maestri Comacini, so called for the symbols of master masons(a compass, a rose a maul and a set square) which appear in the girder of a gate dated 1485 and in the keys of the windows. The building is from XIII century and was enlarged in 1477. It seems it was the sit of the workers from Lombardia, who worked in Assisi for the construction of the Basilica and of the monastery of San Francesco.
About 100 meters from the Loggia there is the Basilica. Just few steps before it is possible to visit the Museo Missionario Indios Frati Cappuccini in Amazzonia. Down the street Via San Francesco crosses Via Cardinale R. Merry del Val. Here are about m.5 of slope 13% to reach the distance bringing to the Basilica Superiore di San Francesco (1230-1253). For getting to the Basilica Inferiore you find a distance of 100 meters with 15-16% slopes.

Basilica di San Francesco

Here are 2 reserved accessible toilets: one is located in Via Padre Domenico Stella, on the left in the street down, before reaching the Basilica Inferiore; the other is located under the square Piazza Inferiore di San Franscesco, and is accessible by a lift, the entrances is under the porch and near the parking place reserved for people with disabilities.
From the Piazza Inferiore di San Francesco, pass on the Portella di San Francesco and walk to Via Frate Elia, till the Piazzetta R. Bonghi: here, on the right there is the Porta San Francesco. You can continue to Piaggia San Pietro - with max 15 % slope - or to Viale Marconi (9-10% slope).
At the end of the street down you find the Abbazia di San Pietro (sec. XI-XIII). After the visit to the Abbazia, you can pass under Porta San Pietro and reach the Shuttle station or the Parking area (Piazza Giovanni Paolo II), which is arranged on 3 floors and is served by a lift: there are 6 reserved free places for people with disabilities.
The accessible toilets are located near the ticket office, after 20 meters circa of uneven paving.
In Viale Marconi, inside the Bar Winsor Savoia, there are other accessible toilets (after a small distance with 8% slope and a 10 cm high step)

Piaggia San Pietro

Where to sleep
Hotel Il Palazzo
Casa religiosa Istituto Beata Angelina
Hotel Minerva
Hotel Windsor Savoia
Hotel San Pietro

Where to eat
Ristorante self service Il foro romano
Ristorante Antichi sapori
Ristorante Le cantine di Oddo
Ristorante Self service Cibò
Ristorante il Castello

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